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At each visit, you will be seen by a medical doctor specializing in obstetrics. Each visit will be tailored to your specific needs and concerns, and counseling specific to your stage in pregnancy.

What to expect at each visit

Each pregnancy is unique and yours may require more frequent visits or testing.

  • First visit (usually 7-8 weeks of pregnancy): ultrasound to confirm normal intrauterine pregnancy, counseling, exam and possible lab work
  • 12 weeks: counseling and possible lab work (including genetic screening)
  • 16 weeks: counseling, lab to screen for neural tube defects, optional gender screening ultrasound
  • 20-22 weeks: fetal anatomy ultrasound, counseling
  • 24-28 weeks: counseling, screening for gestational diabetes
  • 35+ weeks: usually seen weekly at this point, more focused counseling and exams (group B strep screening included), preparing for the birth of your baby!

Obstetric Services We Provide:

  • Normal pregnancy management
  • High Risk pregnancy management- evaluating and diagnosing patients with high risk pregnancy.
  • Gestational diabetes management
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss
  • External cephalic versions – turning the baby from breech to vertex with external manipulation
  • 3D/4D Ultrasound
  • Gender reveal ultrasounds
  • Infertility Evaluation

Medications safe in pregnancy:

  • PAIN (headache, backache) – Tylenol, Extra-Strength Tylenol: INCREASE WATER INTAKE
  • UPPER RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS (cold, cough, sinus) – Sudafed, Tylenol Sinus, Dimetapp, Chlor-Trimeton, Benadryl, Robitussin, Robitussin DM
  • SORE THROAT – Chloraseptic spray, Cepastat lozenges, frequent warm salt-water gargles
  • NAUSEA & VOMITING – Vit B6 + Unisom, Emetrol, (or call for prescription)
  • HEARTBURN & INDIGESTION – Tums, Rolaids, Maalox, Mylanta
  • DIARRHEA – Imodium if more than 15 weeks
  • YEAST INFECTION – Over-the-counter 7-day vaginal cream
  • CONSTIPATION – Metamucil wafers, Citrucel, Perdiem Fiber, Fibercon, Colace (stool softener): INCREASE WATER INTAKE; NO STIMULANT LAXATIVES
  • HEMORRHOIDS – Anusol-HC cream, Preparation-H, Tucks Pads
  • DO NOT take aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, narcotics, cortisone/steroids or stimulants UNLESS ORDERED BY YOUR DOCTOR

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